Bosch MES25G0
24 months warranty
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The strong Juicer for whole fruits without pre-cutting, easy, fast and clean
Extra-large feed tube for fruit (whole apples) and vegetables - no pre-required
Practical spout with DripStop prevents dripping and ensures a clean working surface after juicing
Practical 2 stages for hard and soft Entsaftungsgut
Stainless steel micro mesh for maximum juice yield
High security: motor only runs when properly assembled and sealed unit
Powerful motor: 700 W
XL feed tube (73 mm) for quick and easy preparation of whole fruits
Stainless steel micro filter sieve for maximum juice yield
Aluminum frames with clasps ensure high closing force, tightness and robustness
Universally usable for connecting different fruit and vegetables
Spout with DripStop prevents dripping and thus ensures a clean work surface after juicing
Large, detachable pulp container 2 liters
Two control levels for hard and soft Entsaftungsgut
Automatic pulp ejection
Easy storage: Cord storage for easy and quick stowage of the cable
Safety stop: unit can only be activated if all parts were assembled correctly, and turns off automatically when it is opened during use. No injury, no splashing
Suction feet ensure maximum stability while juicing
Easy to clean: All removable parts are dishwasher safe
Included Accessories: Juice container with 1.25 liter capacity and foam separation, Includes brush for easy clean the screen

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