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    Our History

    Zigzag is an Armenia-based chain of electronics, household, kitchen, mobile, IT/TV appliances, and other household, kitchen accessories stores.

    The company cooperates with leading international manufacturers. Zigzag offers its customers only official products.

    The first Zigzag store opened on July 12, 1995, in Yerevan at Sayat-Nova 20 with an area of just 42 square meters. The company had two employees: a salesman and a cashier. Since then, the company has expanded and developed its activities, becoming one of the leaders of the Armenian market.

    In 2012, Zigzag was the first in Armenia and the entire Transcaucasia to create a Megastore in a format that meets international standards. Zigzag Megastore was opened in "Dalma Garden Mall" shopping and entertainment complex, presenting consumers with new standards for the sale of household and electronic appliances. And in 2016, the second Zigzag Megastore was opened: this time in "Yerevan Mall" shopping and entertainment complex.

    Today, Zigzag is represented by a network of 5 stores and a Service center.

    Since its foundation, Zigzag has remained true to its slogan "Buy high-quality equipment!", becoming synonymous with quality.


    Our values and purpose

    For the company, the customer is always in the foreground. Zigzag's mission is to provide the customer with the best service and the best products.

    From the first day of operation, Zigzag adheres to the principles of conscientious and high-quality services, providing innovative electronic, mobile and home appliances, striving to meet the needs of its customers and remain true to the company's values, team spirit and quality of work.

    Zigzag Values:

    High-quality service

    Focus on customer

    Be a leader

    Be an innovator

    Keep the team spirit high

    Value human resources

    Be a responsible member of the society

    The company has always stimulated and continues to promote the Armenian economy, while contributing to the improvement of the country's social situation. Zigzag is expanding year on year, which makes it possible to create new jobs, cooperate with global brands and increase Armenia's credibility in the international arena.


    Our services

    Zigzag company's Service Center provides warranty and post-warranty service, installation and repair of household appliances and electronics. The Service Center is authorized by the world's leading brands.

    Since March 2020, there is also an online store, where you can buy the entire range of products presented in stores. During the entire period of the state of emergency in Armenia, Zigzag continued to serve its customers at a high level through its online store.

    Zigzag is one of the leaders in the online trade of household appliances in Armenia. The company carries out delivery throughout the territory of Armenia at favorable rates for the client.

    More than 300 world-famous brands are represented in our stores: Apple, Samsung, Sony, Bosch, Miele, Panasonic, Philips, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Xiaomi, JBL, Liebherr, Indesit, Ariston, etc.

    Zigzag presents exclusive products of a number of brands: Bosch, Indesit, Panasonic, Blaupunkt, Haier, etc.

    To provide an opportunity for the customers to purchase products on credit, Zigzag cooperates with a number of leading banks, which offers flexible and favorable conditions of crediting.


    Our team

    In 1995, Zigzag had only two employees. Over the years, Zigzag has grown from a small store to a large chain of stores, and the company now has more than 270 employees. The high quality of services provided by the company is provided by these employees.

    Zigzag is a galaxy where every employee is a planet.

    To promote a healthy lifestyle, Zigzag employees attend football training sessions and participate in many sports events – running and cycling marathons, etc.

    Every year, the teams of Zigzag stores, head office, service center and warehouse participate in the domestic football championship.

    Zigzag employees take part in trainings and refresher courses conducted by official suppliers and brand representatives two or more times during the year.


    We, as a member of the society

    Being a large company, Zigzag has a high social responsibility, regularly participating in various social events:

    “Miss Hayq” beauty pageant for women with disabilities,

    International Youth Film Festival "It's Me",

    Environmental event "Green Day", held jointly with Bosch, with schoolchildren from Yerevan,

    First permanent sponsor of the Eco Aghb social enterprise,

    For more than a year, Zigzag has been sorting waste and transferring it to recycling. The company participates in volunteering.


    Our partners

    Many large and small companies in Armenia trust the quality of Zigzag and have been cooperating with the company for many years.

    Zigzag cooperates with world-famous brands such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Bosch, Miele, Canon, Panasonic, Philips, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Beats, Xiaomi, JBL, Benq, Liebherr, Indesit, Ariston, etc.

    Dalma Garden Mall and Yerevan Mall shopping and entertainment complexes and the leading banks of Armenia (Ameriabank, Inecobank, Artsakhbank, VTB Bank Armenia and Acba-Credit Agricole Bank) are also Zigzag's partners.